On the pipe

£ 25 

Michael Dunlop on the pipe during TT 2017. Prints are limited to 50 A3 high quality art paper, each one numbered and signed by me. Price includes postage,

Job Done

£ 25 

Job Done .Michael Dunlop walking away with the spoils of victory after winnining the senior TT and smashing the lap record 2016.Each print is A3 and price includes postage.

Job Done International Postage

€ 34 

Same as above but fore international postage. Price includes postage

Retro Joe

£ 28 

Limited to 20 A3 prints price includes postage.Joey on the Gemini Oil livery honda Rc30 white coloured pencil on black card with his face and helmet painted making this painting really standout. Limited stock so get your order in .


Owen Mc Nally

£ 25.00 

Owen Mc Nally on the Bob Mullan 250 Aprilia at the Northwest 200. A3 print price includes postage and package.

Owen Mc Nally International

£ 38 

Same as above but priced for international postage


William Tyco Bmw

£ 28.00 

William Dunlop at the Cookstown 100 onboard the new BMW Tyco. Limited to 50 prints A3 .Price includes postage..


The Masters Apprentice.

£ 25.00 

The Masters Apprentice is a limited edition of 100 A3 prints showing Rossi and Marquez during the 2014 season.Price includes postage & package.

THe Masters Apprentice International

£ 35 

Same as above but priced for international postage

Downtown Joe.

Downtown Joe

£ 28.00 

Limited edition of 50 A3 prints showing Joey on the grid of the NW 200 when he was simply known as Joe. Price includes postage.



£ 25.00 

Reflections shows the 2 Dunlop brothers shadowing eah other during TT 2014. A3 print price includes postage,


Joey RC30

£ 28.00 

Limited to 50 A3 prints. Fine pencil protrait of joey and acrylic painting of him on the Honda Rc30 during the TT races early 90's.

Joey RC30 International

£ 38.00 

Same as above but for international postage


William the Conqueror

£ 25.00 

Limited to 50 A3 prints. Shows William winning the first Superbike Race during the NW 200 2014. Price includes postage.

William the Conqueror International

£ 35.00 

Same as above but priced for international postage


Hedgerow Heroes

£ 25.00 

Hedgerow Heroes shows Joey Dunlop,Owen Mc Nally,Gary Dynes and Robert Dunlop all racing between the hedges during 1999 season. Each of them died in road racing accidents . Gone but not forgotten.


Legends of the Triangle.

£ 25.00 

LImited to 50 A3 prints. Legends of the triangle shows Joey and Robert on their Honda Rc 45's during the NW 200 1994.

Legends of the Triangle International

£ 35.00 

Same as above but priced for International postage


The Milwaukee Kid

£ 20.00 

Limited to 50 A3 prints . William winning at Walderstown 2013 on the R1 Milwaukee Yamaha. Price includes postage.


Cookstown Sizzler

£ 20.00 

Limited to 50 A3 prints.  Shows Michael Dunlop at the Cookstown 100, 2013. Price includes postage.


Phillip Mc Callen

£ 25.00 

A3 print showing Phillip Racing the Honda RC45 at the TT late 90,s. price includes postage.


Valentino Rossi M1

£ 20.00 

A3 print shows Valentino on the M1 Yamaha 2010.